Data generation is growing every day, and we have more data to hand than ever before – especially within businesses. Unfortunately, data costs money and resource to store and manage, especially with an acute need to keep it safe and compliant. Perhaps it’s time to go minimal with your business data, and assess what you really need.

Data minimalism offers several benefits for businesses. Firstly, it helps to reduce the risk of data breaches and cyber attacks by limiting the amount of sensitive information that needs to be secured. Data breaches happen every day, and can be devastating for businesses – so limiting risk in this area is a clear benefit.

Having a minimal profile of sensitive information to protect can also lead to improved data security and compliance with regulations such as GDPR. The more focussed your data footprint is, the more likely you are to know exactly what information you hold and what it’s used for – and be aware of not passing it on.

Additionally, data minimalism can streamline operations and reduce costs by focusing only on collecting and storing necessary data, saving on storage and processing expenses. It also  enhances customer trust, as you can clearly demonstrate a commitment to privacy and ethical data handling.

Things you’ll need to take a look at within your data footprint are: exactly what data does your organisation hold? Do you have cloud storage, on premises storage, or a mixture of both? What data within your organisation is it necessary to collect, and what is the purpose – how is it being used? You might also want to sort your data into mission critical need at the fingertips at all times, and archiving data you don’t actively need, but would like to retain – or are required to retain.

Data minimalism can lead to improved data security, cost savings, and enhanced customer confidence for businesses. Is it time to review what data you hold? Sundown Solutions can offer our product PowerReview to help you, which provides a comprehensive assessment of your current data to gain a clear understanding of your organisation, and provide no obligation recommendations for implementation.

If you then want to move your data to the cloud, or just streamline what you hold, we can offer PowerCleanse, which simplifies and accelerates the cleansing and migration of your data. With PowerCleanse, you can confidently move your data, streamline operations, and unlock the full potential of your data – securely.

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