Human error Is almost always the most significant threat with any cyber security issue and breach.

By ensuring people follow the rules and guidelines addressed in Sundown Solutions’ Digital Armour training and adoption service, we help embed the critical understanding and awareness that protect the organisation and its employees.

We help limit the risk of human error by raising awareness and understanding of the threat and the protection in place.

The provision of this knowledge and the embedding of it in process is critical in helping limit the threat posed by a workforce that is more mobile, more remote, and more diverse than ever before.

  • How do your employees recognise and react to phishing emails and scams?
  • How do they protect themselves in the Digital World they inhabit both personally and professionally?
  • How do they work safely in the various environments they are located?
  • How do they secure their wider digital presence including that shared with relatives or friends?

We created the Digital Armour programme because whilst risk can be outsourced you can’t outsource your reputation.

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